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Jade Gifts

The Jade Mine offers a large variety of unique hand carved Jade items.
All prices are in US Funds.

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  • Jade Specimen, 10oz*

    Jade Specimen, 10oz*
    Rectangular polished jade specimen weighs 9.9oz and measures 3.25"x1.25"x1.25"

  • Jade USB Memory Stick, 7gb

    Jade USB Memory Stick, 7gb
    Fancy Jade USB memory stick Measures approximately 1.25"

  • Jade Wine Bottle Holder*

    Jade Wine Bottle Holder*
    This Unique Jade Bottle holder lets you display your favorite wine. It measures 9.25"x3"x.75". There are several ways in which you can pose your bottle, choose which way works for you! (Wine not included.)

  • Jade Wine Stopper, 1544

    Jade Wine Stopper, 1544
    110mm from top to bottom. Jade measures 50mm

  • Jade, Baby Spoon

    Jade, Baby Spoon
    Measures approximately 120mm.

    With or without hand crafted wooden Gift box


  • Keychain, Bear Head

    Keychain, Bear Head
    Bear Head Keychain measures approximately 34mm x 27mm

  • Keychain, Heart

    Keychain, Heart
    Jade Heart Keychain measures approximately 22mm

  • Keychain, Leaf AA

    Keychain, Leaf AA
    High Quality Leaf Keychain.

    Measures approximately 22x46mm


  • Keychain, Nugget

    Keychain, Nugget
    This handsome jade key chain has been left in nugget form.

  • Keychain, Pineapple

    Keychain, Pineapple
    This handsome jade key chain has been carved as a pineapple.

  • Keychain, Polar Bear

    Keychain, Polar Bear

    This handsome keychain has been carved to resemble a Polar Bear.

    Keychain Measures Approximately 35mm



  • Keychain, Teddy Bear

    Keychain, Teddy Bear
    Measures 60mm

Items 49 to 64 of 105 total

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