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Key Chains

We have many styles of keychains to choose from. 

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  • Jade Elephant Keychain*

    Jade Elephant Keychain*
    Cute cartoon-like elephant keychain. Elephant Measures 30mm.

  • Keychain, Bear Head

    Keychain, Bear Head
    Bear Head Keychain measures approximately 34mm x 27mm

  • Keychain, Bear Paw

    Keychain, Bear Paw
    This handsome keychain has been crafted to resemble a Bear Paw.

    Approximately 30mm



  • Keychain, Leaf AA

    Keychain, Leaf AA
    High Quality Leaf Keychain.

    Measures approximately 22x46mm


  • Keychain, Pineapple

    Keychain, Pineapple
    This handsome jade key chain has been carved as a pineapple.

  • Keychain, Polar Bear

    Keychain, Polar Bear

    This handsome keychain has been carved to resemble a Polar Bear.

    Keychain Measures Approximately 35mm



  • Keychain, Teddy Bear

    Keychain, Teddy Bear
    Measures 60mm

  • Keychain, Turtle

    Keychain, Turtle
    This handsome keychain has been carved to resemble a Turtle.

    Keychain Measures Approximately 30mm


14 Item(s)

per page