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Jade Earrings by Jaclyn

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  • Jade and Garnet Earrings*

    Jade and Garnet Earrings*
    Beautiful Jade and Garnet Earrings by Jaclyn.

    Hand crafted using sterling silver.


  • Jade Chip Bead Earrings*

    Jade Chip Bead Earrings by Jaclyn
    These earrings measure approximately 36 mm.

    They are made with Sterling Silver.

    The additional beads on these earrings are Garnet.


  • Jade Earrings*

    Jade Earrings*
    Beautiful Hanging Jade Earrings.

  • Jade Earrings*

    Jade Earrings*
    Beautiful Jade Earrings.

    Comes on sterling silver clasps.


5 Item(s)

per page