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  • Fish Pendant, 50mm*

    Fish Pendant, 50mm*
    Hand carved pendant in the shape of a fish. Fish measures 50mm and is on an adjustable cord. Comes in a hand crafted wooden gift box.

  • Floating Jade Heart Pendant, 13mm

    Floating Jade Heart Pendant, 13mm
    Canadian Nephrite Jade Floating Heart Pendant Heart measures approximately 13mm

  • Pendant Rose, 3597

    Pendant, 3597
    Beautiful Hand Carved Canadian Jade Pendant. Both sides are carved.

    Comes with a hand crafted wooden box.

    Available in 13mm or 20mm

    Regular Price: $83.98

    Special Price: $58.78

  • Polar Jade Dish, HNW-4257-1W #2*

    Polar Jade Dish, HNW-4257-1W #2*
    Jade dish measures about 6" at its widest point. Perfect for holding a bar of soap or loose change or a set of keys.

  • Polar Jade Nugget Pendant*

    Polar Jade Nugget Pendant*
    Jade nugget measures about 35mm in length and sits on an adjustable brown cord.

9 Item(s)

per page