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New Jade Products at Jade Mine

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  • Fish Hook, 1187

    Fish Hook, 1187
    Jade Fish Hook 1187 The Jade Measure 21mm. Sold Individually

  • Jade Tile, 6x4"

    Jade Tile, 6x4"
    Carving Grade Jade Tiles Measure approximately 6" x 4"x .25"

  • Loose Drilled Jade Cross, .75"

    Loose Drilled Jade Cross, .75"
    Loose Nephrite Jade Cross, each piece varies and measures approximately 20mm from top to bottom.

  • Ogden Jade Slab, 12"*

    Ogden Jade Slab, 12"*
    Canadian Jade Slab from our Ogden Mine on a wooden base

11 Item(s)

per page